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Tathra Wharf and Headland Precinct Plan

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Tathra Wharf and Headland Precinct Plan

Project Summary/background

Under the NSW Government’s COVID-19 stimulus program, Bega Valley Shire Council was awarded $7.81 million (including GST) to contribute towards the wharf restoration, upgrade of the Tathra Wharf and Headland precinct.

The project will be completed in two separate portions:

  • the restoration of the wharf structure and building, including the replacement of piles, girders and decking, consistent with Heritage NSW requirements; and
  • the development of a precinct plan for the Tathra Headland to improve the traffic, cycle and pedestrian circulation, connectivity and wayfinding at wharf and headland.


Tathra Wharf and Headland is a popular attraction for the local community and visiting tourists.  It offers a range of activities and attractions including the Tathra Wharf & Museum, Memorial Gardens, Tathra Hotel, and access to the Wharf to Wharf walking track.  Tathra Wharf and the adjacent reserve at Tathra Headland are listed on both the National Trust and Australian Heritage Commission registers. 

Tathra Headland has been the focus of a number of discrete independent projects over the years. As a result, the precinct lacks a cohesive environment that is walkable, cycle friendly and safe.  With an increase in domestic travel, visitor numbers have increased and the existing traffic and parking arrangements are poor and inadequate.

This project aims to address these problems by improving the traffic, cycle and pedestrian circulation, connectivity and wayfinding at Tathra Wharf and Headland.

The project objectives are to:

  • improve active travel links to create a cycle friendly, walkable, permeable, and safe precinct;
  • improve wayfinding and connectivity to enhance visitor experience whilst visiting iconic destinations;
  • improve functionality of traffic circulation and carparking to create more efficient use of space; and
  • improve the visual amenity and viewing corridors to enhance the natural landscape of the headland.

The key benefits of the project are:

  • enhanced visitor access by improving walkable access (pedestrians, cyclists) to Tathra Wharf from the upper commercial area, Tathra Beach and the broader headland precinct;
  • enhanced visitor safety by improving traffic circulation and parking arrangements for cars and buses; and
  • enhanced visitor experience by providing better connectivity, wayfinding and signage connecting visitors to the destinations and attractions.


Bega Valley Shire Council has received $7.81 million (including GST) grant funding from the NSW Government’s Stimulus Package to support regional economies to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.  A major portion of this funding will be put towards the wharf restoration project.

Connection to Council's Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program

This project is identified in the Community Strategic Plan under:

  • Goal 1: We are co-operative, caring and enjoy a culturally rich community life.
    • Strategy 2: Respect and promote our cultural heritage and support cultural diversity.
      • Progress Measures - Infrastructure Milestones - Tathra Wharf Structure

The project is identified in the Delivery Program 2017-2022 under:

  • 5.10.11 Manage the delivery of major transport infrastructure
    • Deliver the upgrade of Tathra Wharf

Timeline of works


Who can I speak to:

Amelia Souter
Project Manager
Bega Valley Shire Council
Phone: (02) 6499 2222

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