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Noxious weeds targeted in the Shire

Thursday 22 October 2015

The Bega Valley Shire Council is preparing residents for the coming inspection program targeting the noxious weed St John’s Wort.

The annual inspection conducted by Council focuses on targeting and managing noxious weeds in the Shire.

St John’s Wort is extremely invasive of pastures, grassland, woodlands, road verges and wasteland. It grows to dominate pastures, reduces a land’s carrying capacity and is poisonous to stock.

Notifications are being sent to landholders to be inspected, and officers will carry out inspections throughout November and early December 2015.

Council’s Vegetation Management Coordinator, Lyall Bogie, said Noxious Weed Inspectors will be inspecting properties in the Shire and are seeking cooperation from landholders to control the weed before it can spread.

“Landholders have an obligation to control weeds on their land for the protection of the primary production lands and the local ecosystem,” he said.

“It is important that we work together to control the spread of St John’s Wort before it flowers and sets seed.

“We want to work in cooperation with land holders in eradicating noxious weeds and are always more than happy to help identify plants and offer management advice,” Mr Bogie said.

If residents wish to have weeds identified they can either send in photos of their plants (in colour) via email to or post to the Zingel Place Council Office in Bega.

For more information on weed management and control and the St John’s Wort inspection program please contact Lyall Bogie on 6499 2405.


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