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Delegations of Authority

Under Secton 377 of the Local Government Act 1993, a council may, by resolution, delegate to the general manager or any other person or body certain functions of the council. The general manager may sub-delegate under Section 378(2) of the Local Government Act, a function delegated to the general manager by the council to any person or body (including another employee of the council).

Important Information

Every four years the Bega Valley Shire participates in Local Government Elections; subsequently forming a new "Council".  As a result, and in accordance with relevant provisions of the Local Government Act 1993, the newly elected Council conducts a review of its Community Strategic Plan (CSP), its Delivery Program, and Operational Plans.  As a flow-on from this, the Council then reviews its corporate policy and procedure framework and content.

The current iteration of the Community Strategic Plan includes six outcome areas.

The policy and procedure framework is designed to reflect these outcome areas.


A 'policy' is an overarching principle of action adopted or proposed by the Council. 

Corporate policies are reviewed by the Leadership Executive Group (LEG) and the Councillors.  The revised framework and document content is then placed on public exhibition, inviting members of the public to participate in the review process by providing feedback concerning the direction and content of the proposed framework.  All submissions are considered as part of the review process; with a final framework presented to the Council for adoption. 

Council's currently adopted policy framework reflects the six outcome areas of the CSP (listed above).  Each policy document includes the following components:

  • A document reference number corresponding to the relevant outcome area of the CSP.
  • A document name.
  • A version number
  • The date it was issued (this is date the current version was adopted)
  • A date for next review
  • A container reference number (this is where the master copy is stored).

The review of policies occurs on a four-year cycle or as required due to changes to legislation, regulations, and/or industry standards.  The review process is coordinated by Council's People and Governance Team.


A 'procedure' is an established and approved way of actually doing something.  Council procedures are reviewed internally by employees of the Council including the General Manager, Directors, Executive Manager, Line Managers, and Coordinators alike.  The review of procedures occurs on a two-year cycle or as required operationally.  Procedures are listed alphabetically underneath each of their corresponding policy documents.

The review of procedures is coordinated by the People and Governance Team.


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