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Access restrictions to Zingel Place

Monday 2 November 2015

As part of the works in Littleton Gardens, changes to Zingel Place will restrict pedestrian and motor vehicle access from this week.

While earthworks, in-ground service works and concreting are being carried out in the area directly in front of the Bega Library and Art Gallery, alternative pedestrian access routes and restrictions will be temporarily in place and expected from Monday 9 November 2015.

Entry through the front doors to the Bega Valley Shire Council Office, Bega Library and Art Gallery will still be available, however access to them will be temporarily altered.

  • The route to the Council Offices will be directly across the new paved areas from Stage 1 of Littleton Gardens
  • The route to the Library and Art Gallery will be down from Gipps Street
  • There will be no external connection between the Council Entry and the Library and Art Gallery along Zingel Place

Additionally, through traffic along Zingel Place will be closed along with the parking spaces in the centre of Littleton Gardens from Tuesday 3 November.

Truck and commercial delivery access to the rear of the Carp Street businesses, in particular Australia Post, will be maintained with the assistance of traffic control.

Pedestrian access across the rear of the Carp Street businesses including Rixon’s arcade will be restricted from time to time as work is carried out in the area.

The excavation works along the west edge of the stage 1 grassed area should be completed early next week.

For information contact Council on 6499 2222.


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