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Bega Valley Waste launches Facebook page

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Bega Valley Shire Council has launched a new Waste and Recycling Facebook page.

‘Waste…The Facts’ went live today as an interactive space for sharing information about all things waste and recycling in the Bega Valley.

Waste Operations Officer Joley Vidau said launching the new Bega Waste APP in late May highlighted a need for a social media space for people to get their questions about waste and recycling services answered quickly.

She said it was also an opportunity to value-add to the Waste app.

“After getting so many questions and comments when we launched the Waste app, we realised just how much information people want about waste and recycling. We thought a dedicated Facebook page would be more convenient for people, and give them a more direct line to us and the services we provide,” she said.

Ms Vidau said waste and recycling technology and services were evolving and improving rapidly, and the Facebook page would help people keep track and be informed.

“There are the basic things like bin collection days and tip opening times, but many people might not realise we have fantastic tip shops, a free Community Recycling Centre and we also produce top-rate compost at Merimbula. There are so many things happening in Bega Valley Waste, so I encourage people to get onto this Facebook page and check it out.”

For further information call Council on 02 6499 2222.

The Waste…The Facts Facebook page link is:



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