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Frogs Hollow flight school update

9 November 2017

Planning staff at Bega Valley Shire Council have made a preliminary assessment of Development Application - 10-2017-445-1, which proposes a recreational flight school on land adjacent to the Princes Highway at Frogs Hollow.

The site is home to a longstanding airfield; however the applicant, Sports Aviation Flight College Australia is proposing a $10.4 million investment.

Council officers have determined that all information needed for the application to be placed on exhibition has been submitted.

Submissions from the community will be invited between November 15 and December 6.

In line with Schedule 4A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, Council will then forward the application to the Southern Joint Regional Planning Panel (SJRPP) for final determination.

The Act compels Council to refer certain developments valued at over $5 million to the SJRPP, this includes air transport facilities.

Council’s role in this case will be to coordinate the exhibition period; on completion Council staff will compile an assessment report for the consideration of the SJRPP. Any submissions received during the 21 day exhibition period will be addressed in the staff report.

Planning Panels are an instrument of NSW Department of Planning and Environment and operate across the State to provide independent, merit-based decision making on regionally significant developments.

Former NSW Environment Minister, Pam Allan, is Chair of the SJRPP.

Those with an interest in the proposed recreational flight school at Frogs Hollow will be able to engage with the process ahead via Council's DA tracker and the Planning Panel's website on on Council's website under Have Your Say



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    Comments (3)

  • Why not tell the flying school to look at other airports inland, and much quicker to get to from the Melbourne and Sydney. Holbrook Airfield is one good one, close to the Hume Hwy and close to Wagga and Albury.

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  • What a great idea for the shire, I know some people don't like it but such is life, the flight school will bring needed jobs and revenue to the area also it is not just for Chinese folk but also Australians, these aircraft use unleaded fuel same as cars not aviation fuel, these aircraft are much safer than car's, the people objecting are raciest and have to much money, sell up and move on

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  • Ultralight aircraft are not safer than cars, and in fact suffer frequent engine failures and accidents in comparison to commercial jet aircraft which have redundant systems and a higher level of operator proficiency.. Additionally, aircraft weighing less than 600kg are more prone to wind related incidents particularly during the landing phase of flight.
    Recreational flight is an enjoyable hobby, but having a large group of trainees flying above my house is not particularly appealing.

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