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Bin replacements in some areas

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Bega Valley Shire Council is advising residents of a waste and recycling bin replacement program currently taking place in parts of the Shire.

The replacement program aims at improving the age and condition of Council’s bin assets over the course of the collection contract with Cleanaway.

Under the contract, Council has specified that 10 per cent of the bins are to be replaced each year.

The replacements are occurring following the emptying of bins on the normal collection day.

Council’s Waste Services Manager, Toby Browne, said that many of the bins were deployed in 2005 at the commencement of the last contract and are nearing the end of their economic life.

“It is more efficient and cost effective to replace them in large numbers by area rather than individually,” he said.

Council has more than 40,000 bins in service. Ensuring the community’s assets are maintained effectively is a key priority for Council.

The bins recovered in the program will be recycled.

For more information on the replacement program, please contact Cleanaway on 1300 093 756 or Council on 6499 2222.


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