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Mental Health

After a bushfire many people deal with memories and ongoing feelings by drawing on their own strengths, as well as the support of others, and will gradually rebuild their lives and achieve a sense of wellbeing again.

A Bega Valley-specific fact sheet is now available, showing who you can call in our local area to access free counselling and other support. Help is available for anyone who needs a hand.

Download the Bega Valley Mental Health Fact Sheet

Common Reactions

These reactions can be severe and are at their worst in the first week after the event, however, in most cases, they fade over a month. If your day-to-day functioning is seriously affected for more than one month after the event, it's important to discuss it with a GP or mental health professional. These reactions include:

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  • feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling numb and detached
  • inability to focus
  • inability to plan ahead
  • constant tearfulness
  • intrusive memories or bad dreams related to the bushfires
  • sleep disturbances
  • constant questioning –"What if I had done x, y or z, instead?"
  • 'replaying' the event and inventing different outcomes to be prepared should it happen again.

It is also important to understand that a friend, loved one or work colleague may see these reactions in you, often when you do not. They may see you are detached, unfocused, anxious, or tearful without provocation. Listen to the opinions of those you trust and discuss these issues with a GP or mental health professional.

Information provided by Beyond Blue

Local Services

Support for young people

Headspace Bega provides health and well-being services for young people aged 12-25. Their main hub is located on the Rooftop Carpark, Sapphire Marketplace, Upper Street, Bega and is open Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 5pm. They also have locations in Eden, Narooma and Cooma. Services are free, and you can contact them on 6494 8844

Catholic Care Bushfire Support Counselling

Catholic Care offers a free counselling service to support individuals, families and couples impacted by the bushfires. The service is not religious. You're welcome to phone for a chat and to find out how they can help. Call Kathryn directly on 0488 468 067

Southern NSW Local Health District

The Bega Valley Bushfire Recovery Clinicians can be contacted for support and referrals (Mon – Fri) – 6491 9300. For information about SWLHD support click this link

Grand Pacific Health Bushfire Recovery

An experienced clinician can provide short term treatment and support for individuals, open Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm. Call intake on 1800 228 987 or the Bega hub on 6494 8800

Fortem Australia

Supporting the wellbeing and mental fitness of first responders’ families (RFS, SES, Police, Fire & Rescue, Marine Rescue, VRA). They provide wellbeing activities that aim to build connection, family resilience and mental fitness. For support (Tues to Thurs) contact Hayley 0409 084 495

Sapphire Health and Wellbeing Service (SHaWS)

SHaWS provides non-judgemental and respectful alcohol and other drug treatment, alongside integrated primary health, mental health, and Aboriginal health services. Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, covering residents between Wallaga Lake and Eden. Phone: 6494 8870 or email:

More information abou this service can found at this website. Referral forms can be downloaded here

SANE has developed a platform for people living on the south coast of NSW. It includes resources, stories from bushfire survivors and an online forum for connecting with others. Access the platform Life After Bushfires here

Bushfire Recovery Centre

The BVSC Bushfire Recovery Support Service can connect you with information and access to health and wellbeing services. Call 6499 2345 or email

Online and Telephone Counselling Services

LifeLine or call 13 11 14

Beyond Blue or call 1300 224 635

Kids Helpline or call 1800 551 800

Headspace or call 1800 959 844

Mensline or call 1300 789 978

NSW RFS members or call 1800 049 933

Farm Gate counsellors - Contact the Mental Health Line on 1800 011 511

Further Information

Red Cross Resources

The Red Cross has put together some useful resources about what you or others may experience after a crisis and how to manage it. Here is a link to their webpage

Booklet Coping with a major personal crisis

Audio Coping with a major personal crisis

Easy English Coping with a major personal crisis

Large Print Coping with a major personal crisis


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