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Helping other Council's with FOGO

Ready, set, FOGOHelping Council’s across Australia get READY, SET, FOGO

Fogo is not just about choosing the right bin, it’s about changing the way we think about waste…

Bega Valley Shire Council are grateful to all Councils who provided input prior to our FOGO rollout in October 2018.  Resources that were shared with us, made our job so much easier, so thank you to all those amazing councils that helped along the way.  It’s now our turn to give back.  We are sharing  our resources to help your Council to READY, SET, FOGO.

Lessons Learnt

We have prepared a detailed Lessons Learnt document to give other Councils some tips and hints on what worked and what we could have done better

We are also sharing our resources to help other Councils get Ready Set FOGO

We have sorted our resources into the following categories:


Holiday Accommodation

Print Brochures

Social Media

Caddies & Bags


FOGOmentary + TV

As part of the launch of FOGO in the Bega Valley, Council produced several video resources. You can view these online via the following links:


Media Releases




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