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Fees and charges relief following fires

12 April 2018

Bega Valley Shire Council has moved expeditiously to alleviate further financial burden on those impacted by the recent bushfire disaster, with a number of fees and charges set to be waived.

Yesterday’s resolution of Council means that the General Manager is now able to authorise exemptions from water and sewer charges; waste fees; Development Application, Complying Development and associated fees; and interest on general rates instalments for properties directly affected by the fires.

The General Manager will also be utilising her authority under the Local Government Act to issue Fire Works Authorisation Certificates for demolition works if required.

General Manager, Leanne Barnes, said that while the local community has displayed unbelievable resilience both during and in the aftermath of the event, it is vital that Council can provide a level of surety for those impacted moving forward.

“With many people set to remain displaced for the foreseeable future, it is absolutely vital that we do anything we can to help them get back on their feet,” Ms Barnes said.

“It was certainly encouraging to see how readily the Councillors embraced the recommended relief measures and staff will now liaise directly with all impacted home owners, business owners and residents to ensure they are firstly aware of the measures and that necessary adjustments are made.    

“The intent of all fee and charge waivers is to ensure that Council works to assist residents maximise their rebuild funds.

“These measures will represent a proportion of the additional, unbudgeted costs to Council for the response and recovery activities, some of which may be recoverable and some will be a key part of Council’s role in the recovery process over the next 12 to 18 months.

“All costs, foregone income and other items will be captured in the recovery process and form part of the ongoing reporting on this incident,” Ms Barnes said.

For more information visit or contact Council on (02) 6499 2222.



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