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Proposed Amenities Facility, Bermagui

Bruce Steer pool, Bermagui.Have Your Say - On the mix of amenities in this facility!

A draft design for a new amenities block at Bermagui’s Bruce Steer Pool is on public exhibition for community feedback until 15 April.

This consultation phase follows on from an exhaustive master planning process that identified the need for the installation of an accessible facility on the same level as the pool. 

The drawings and images are a draft and have been prepared for consultation based on estimated cost, the available asset renewal budget and a simple design that works well at a similar site (Spencer Park Merimbula).

The amenities building commences the implementation of the Coastal Accessibility Masterplan for Bruce Steer Pool, with further elements of the masterplan to be implemented as funding becomes available.

The master planning process identified the need and benefit of installation of an accessible toilet facility on the same level as the pool.

The amenities building is funded via existing asset renewal budgets. In effect it is a replacement of the existing old and difficult to access block at the top of the steps.

The overarching aim of the project is to deliver a simple facility, done well.

The layout reflects current design and is compliant with current building requirements and design standards. Accessibility and practicality are the key considerations in the development of the design.

These types of public amenities have become increasingly popular as they improve general surveillance, are more accessible to all, are more practical to maintain, remove enclosed common areas and generally reduce the opportunity for unwanted behaviour.

Unisex facilities have been common for accessible facilities for many years and are now more common for standard toilets also. Unisex facilities can improve availability and are useful for families. (i.e. parents with kids that might need some help).

Included in the draft design:

  • 1 x ambulant toilet (unisex)
  • 1 x accessible toilet/family amenities with basin (unisex)
  • 1 x indoor ambulant shower/change room (unisex)
  • External basin(s)
  • Accessible outdoor showers/drying area

Finished levels and design will take into account occasional storm surges and potential water inundation.

An additional sewer inlet point will be included to connect temporary amenities to cater for larger community events.

Some screening will also be added between the timber posts.

Excluded from the draft design:

  • Single gender facilities

For more information on the project contact Matthew Collins on (02) 6499 2222

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Have Your Say

Take our Poll and let us know your thoughts on the mix of amenities to be provided in this facility.
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Question 1: What do you feel would be a more useful inclusion in the design?


Question 2: If there were to be two toilet cubicles, would you prefer?

Question 3: If there was scope in the project budget what item would you like to see included?

If you have any other suggestions for this question, please leave them in the comments at the bottom of the page.


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    Comments (15)

  • 1 plenty of lighting inside and out pls
    2 fc sheet is not great vs vandals - suggest do bldg. all in masonry

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    Better monitoring of the bins adjacent by the boat ramp would be desirable if recent overflowing with fish offal is to be repeated. Not an attractive surroundings for swimmers.

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  • It is again a missed opportunity not to include a Changing Place in this development -

    There is not a single Changing Place in the whole of the Bega Valley.

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  • This is an excellent proposal. My wife and I swim at Bruce Steer pool regularly. My wife has had both knees replaced and uses a walking stick to access the pool. The addition of this facility with be of great benefit to her rather than the current facility on the top of the hill. Well done.

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  • Is the wheelchair ramp, that was in the original draft, still to be installed?

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  • 1 only shower with change facility is no way enough to change/ get dressed after shower. The wait time during busy times would be rediculas. Please provide extra change areas.

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  • Please please PLEASE leave us with an outside tap!!! You cannot wash sand off a sandy toddler under a shower. I don’t mind anything else about the design but an outside tap is more useful than a shower. I avoid horseshoe bay for this reason now!!!

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  • Prior to moving to Bermagui I lived in Port Stephens where one of the beaches had a swimming area similar to Bruce Steer, It had a ramp construction into the water which allowed swimmers dependent on a wheel chair the ability to be able to get into water more easily. It also had handrails that older or frailer people could use to assist with access.

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  • During a public meeting at the pool site last year there was discussion regarding the retaining of the old toilet block at the top of the stairs as well as the new facility. This has not been mentioned in the draft proposal. I hope that the old amenities block will also be retained to cater to the trailer boat/fishing community and other casual users of the headland as this area is particularly busy at certain times of the year such as now.

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  • The accessible/family section will be used by general a toilet.That room needs a shower for families ie a second shower.The.door on this room has to by law open both ways to prevent being trapped inside and to make rescue easier One outdoor shower and one tap 75 cm from ground The designated shower room to cater for one. adult and two children Needs to be bigger.Wheelchair bound people might like to wash salt water off themselves and their wheelchair.

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  • Yes, there is a need for an accessible amenities facility on the same level as the pool. However, why is Council ignoring the amenities needs of local and visiting fisherpeople by considering this proposed plan as a replacement of the existing toilet block at the top of the steps? Fishing is one of the two main industries in Bermagui attracting thousands of people who contribute a major financial injection to the town. The proposed new amenities block is nowhere near sufficient to cater for both pool users and fisherpeople. KEEP THE TOILET BLOCK AT THE TOP OF THE STEPS!

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  • The block on the hill needs to be retained. The proposed new block cannot possibly meet the needs of the pool users plus the fishing community during summer. You will be completely overloading this small purpose built facility if council expect those who would normally use the hill block to also use the new block.
    Shocking pressure to place on the young, elderly and disabled!
    Would prefer a surface which does not require constant maintenance. The wood on the sports pavillion is already splitting and lifting - no maintenance to date.

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  • from The perspective of people using the pool rather than fishermen requiring a toilet - these are my thoughts on what is needed.
    Having used the facilities at the surf club regularly I have found that my main requirement is somewhere to change into my swimmers I rarely need the use of a toilet. A shelf to place ones clothes while changing and a support rail to hang onto while changing would be helpful. At the surf club the lack of a support rail causes people to hang onto the sink which has stressed and cracked the tiles. ( if you intend to tile above any sinks then keep the tiles well above any part of the sink so that pressure on the sink doesn’t lever the tiles off)
    I would suggest that the designers of this facilty drive to the surf club, change into their swimmers, have a swim then change back into their clothes. By doing this they will then realise the problem of where to put their towels, clothes, wallet, mobile phone etc whilst changing. The problems are reversed on returning to change with the added problem that everything is wet. The floor invariably gets wet and sandy and is not an option to place anything on.
    Regarding the indoor shower- why do we need one if outdoor showers are provided. I would rather have a change room.

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  • I can understand the thinking in removing the top amenities block to reduce the number of blocks that need to be maintained, the current one as it is needs to be replaced. BUT if there is only 1 amenities block there, it needs to be big enough to take everyone in the peak tourist time as well as the locals the rest of the year. This proposed one is tiny. We need large change room areas. The change room near the surf club was removed and never replaced. Toilets are not change areas!
    The new amenities block should have:
    1 disabled toilet with a baby change facility.
    4 unisex cubicle toilets with doors opening to the outside + 2 gender specific change rooms
    OR 2 gender specific toilet cubicles within 2 gender specific change rooms. Outside basins,
    Outside showers accessible to wheelchairs.
    Outside tap and/or water refill station

    Eurobodalla Council has upgraded amenities blocks in many areas less used than Bruce Steer Pool to way better standards than what is being proposed here. Get it together Bega Valley Council!!!

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  • Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I use the pool frequently and appreciate the shower at top of the steps. Would it be possible to retain this existing facility in addition to the new one, thus ensuring maximum capacity at minimal cost?

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