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Asset Management Plans

The Asset Management Strategy enables Council to demonstrate:

  • How the asset portfolio will meet the service delivery needs of the community into the future
  • How Council’s asset management policies will be achieved
  • The integration of Council’s asset management with its long-term strategic and financial plans

The Asset Management Strategy will assist Council in meeting the requirements of national sustainability frameworks, NSW Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and providing services needed by the community in a financially sustainable manner.

The Asset Management Strategy has been prepared following a review of the service delivery practices, asset management maturity and aligns with Council’s vision for the future outlined in the CSP 2040.  The Strategy outlines an Asset Management Improvement Plan detailing tasks to be completed, and resources required, to bring Council to a minimum ‘core’ level of asset maturity and competence.

Strategic Outlook

The organisation is able to fund current infrastructure life-cycle cost at current levels of service and available revenue.

The organisation’s current asset management maturity requires an investment to improve information management, lifecycle management, service management and accountability and direction.

What assets do we have?

Council uses infrastructure assets to provide services to the community. The infrastructure assets have been categorised into the following service areas.

Further details including an inventory can be found in the individual Asset Management Plans and the Asset Management Plan 2017-2021.

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