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Asset Management Plans

Bega Valley Shire Council manages a vast infrastructure network comprising of transport, water and sewer services, waste disposal, recreational facilities and public halls and buildings.  Infrastructure is what supports a community and is quite often taken for granted until something fails or no longer can provide an expected service.

These infrastructure assets represent a huge investment from the community, which has been built up over a long period of time.  These are the reasons why management skills must be applied to ensure that our infrastructure networks are resilient and are provided in a sustainable way.

Some of the main drivers of asset management are to ensure Council can;

  • plan and finance asset renewal
  • use available resources effectively, efficiently and sustainably
  • reduce network failures and provide  infrastructure assets at agreed levels of service.

The total replacement value of infrastructure assets managed by Bega Valley Shire Council is in excess of $1,000,000,000, The breakdown into asset class is listed below.

  • Buildings  $16,000,000
  • Recreation $37,000,000
  • Transport  $684,000,000
  • Water  $168,000,000
  • Sewer  $187,000,000

When considering the value of the assets managed by Council on behalf of the community the need for these assets to be managed in a realistic and sustainable manner becomes apparent.

Asset management requirements for Councils throughout Australia are being steered by the National Frameworks for Asset Management, and implemented in NSW via the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

Under this framework and in accordance with State Government Requirements Council has prepared:

The Asset Management Plans have been prepared to demonstrate responsible management of assets (and services provided from assets); compliance with regulatory requirements and to communicate funding required to provide the required levels of service on a long term basis.

The Asset Management Plans are prepared as ‘core’ plans in accordance with the International Infrastructure Management Manual. They have been prepared to meet minimum legislative and organisational requirements for sustainable service delivery and long term financial planning and reporting. Core asset management planning is a ‘top down’ approach where analysis is applied at the ‘system’ or ‘network’ level.

Future revisions of the Asset Management Plans will move towards ‘advanced’ plans using a ‘bottom up’ approach for gathering asset information for individual assets to support the optimisation of activities and programs to meet agreed service levels, through both community engagement and technical advice.

Council has prepared Asset Management Plans for the following infrastructure asset classes:

  • Building 
    Council provides a suite of Buildings in partnership with government, community and private groups to enable the provision of fit-for-purpose infrastructure to meet public and community opportunity expectation and demand including: Community Halls (including indoor stadiums); Council Depots; Council Buildings (excluding Pre-schools); Emergency Service Buildings (excluding RFS).
  • Recreation 
    Council provides a suite of Spaces and Places in partnership with government, community and private groups to enable the provision of fit-for-purpose infrastructure to meet community opportunity expectation and demand including: Parks (including playgrounds); Reserves; Open space (including shared pathways and boardwalks); Sports grounds; Swimming pools; Community amenities (public toilets and Surf Life Saving Clubs); Wharves, Boat ramps and jetties.
  • Transport 
    Council provides a transport network and related facilities that enables people and goods to move around and through the Shire. It provides access to properties and facilitates transportation of people and goods safely and efficiently, at agreed service levels and at the optimum life cycle cost. The Bega Valley Shire Council transport network is comprised of sealed roads, unsealed roads, bridges, footpaths, cycle ways and associated drainage structures.
  • Sewer 
    Council provides reticulated and pressure sewerage systems and sewerage reuse networks to enable treatment and reuse of domestic and commercial sewage throughout the shire. Council’s sewerage assets are currently operated maintained under two separate arrangements: The Sewerage Reticulation networks (gravity mains and pressure sewer street mains) serving individual properties operated and maintained by Council. Pumping stations and rising mains as well as some reuse infrastructure is operated and maintained by Council. Sewage Treatment Plants are operated and maintained by contract as provided for in the Bega Valley Sewerage Program modified alliance contract by Tenix.
  • Water Supply 
    Council provides a Water Supply network in the following development areas: Tantawanglo-Kiah – Areas including Candelo, Eden, Boydtown, Merimbula, Pambula, Pambula Beach, South Pambula and Tura Beach; Brogo- Bermagui – Areas including *Akolele, Bermagui, Cobargo, Quaama and Wallaga Lake district (Fairhaven Pt, Beauty Pt and Wallaga Lake Heights) (*Akolele is located in Eurobodalla Shire Council Local Government Area); Bemboka – including Bemboka.

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