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Bega Valley Shire Council manages thirteen cemeteries.  The cemeteries offer numerous options for remembering your loved ones including conventional cemeteries, lawn cemeteries and memorial walls.

We work closely with funeral homes to ensure you are not burdened with too much to think of at this difficult time.

Fees and Charges

Policies and Procedures

Cemeteries Advisory Committee

Family history research
If you are looking to research your family history and need to search the cemetery records for burials within the Bega Valley Shire, please use our Family history research form

Plot reservations and enquiries
Bega Valley Shire Council offers reservation services so you can purchase a ‘Burial Licence’ for your chosen place of rest.  For information regarding reservations and burial options please contact Council’s Hall and Cemeteries Liaison Officer by phoning 6499 2222 or email

Burials on Private Land
In order to establish a grave on a private property, consent must be applied for from Council.

For information on each of the cemeteries please use the links below.


Fees and Charges

To view all of Council's Annual Fees and Charges please click here.

Perpetual Interment Right Fees  
Perpetual Interment Right/Plot Reservations (each) $470.00
Transfer Fee - to transfer existing burial licence or Interment Right to different plot in same cemetery (each) $125.00
Burial Fees  
Cemetery Maintenance Fee (per burial) $410.00
After Business Hours Contact for Funeral Bookings - Prorata half hour minimum charge (per hour) $80.00
Plaques and Memorials  
Purchase of Plaque (Including Design) POA
Fixing of plaque (per service) $190.00
Purchase of Memorial Headstone/Marker/Rock (Includes Placement) POA
Niche Walls  
Niche Wall (Includes Placement of Ashes) (per service) $310.00
Lawn Sections  
Lawn Section - 1st Interment (per service) $1,865.00
Lawn Section - 2nd Interment (per service) $640.00
Monumental Lawn - 1st Interment ($715.00 contribution to the purchase of headstone) (per service) $2,990.00
Monumental Lawn - 2nd Interment (includes placement of ashes) (per service) $640.00
Memorial Gardens (Ashes Only - Prices Include Placement of Ashes)  
David Ramsay Memorial Rose Garden - Pambula Only (Includes Harcourt Pillow)  
Single Interment $580.00
Double Interment - Plots 1 To 26 - 1st Interment $580.00
Double Interment - Plots 1 To 26 - 2nd Interment $135.00
Exclusive Family Interments - Plots 27 to 30 (up to four interments) $3,188.00
Standard Memorial Garden (includes placement of ashes) $270.00
Lone Pine Memorial Garden (Pambula only) includes Harcourt Pillow $715.00
Excavation Fees  
Double Depth (per serivce) $2,100.00
Single Depth (per service) $1,955.00
Burial of Ashes (per service) $320.00
Lift lid or Removal of floor $320.00
Oversize Opening Surcharge (in exceof 720mm x 2100mm) (per service) $435.00
Weekend or Public Holiday, Ashes Interment (per service) $360.00
Weekend or Public Holiday, Funeral Surchage (per service) $710.00
Plant Hire for additional cetery work (per hour) $120.00
Direct Delivery of a Coffin/Casket to a Cemetery for Immediate Burial (single depth, no monument) with no funeral service or family present (service) POA
Excavation Fees - Children  
Graves for still born/Infant up to 18 months No Charge
Children’s Graves from 18 Months up to 8 years old (single depth) (per service) $1,015.00
Still born/Infant or Child up to 8 years buried in pocket in base of adult grave - single depth (per service) $1,955.00
Still born/Infant or child up uo 8 years buried in pocket in base of adult grave - double depth (pe service) $2,100.00
Additional Fees When Shoring Is Required  
Single Depth Fully Shored $2,990.00
Double Depth Fully Shored $4,470.00
Reopen Shored Grave with Viable Timber $1,955.00
Reopen Shore Grave where further Shoring is required $2,990.00
Other Charges  
Permit to undertake work POA
Plot Marking Fee (per applications) $265.00
Inspection Fee for Non-Approved Monuments (per inspection) $580.00
Maintenance Fee (for burial licences over 20 years old - payable at time of burial be only applicable to licenses purchased from the 2014/2015 Financial Year and onwards) (Per Licence) $223.00


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