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Our Values

Bega Valley Shire Council's values.

PLaCE values were developed by our own staff through a process of involvement and consultation.

They describe the important aspects we feel as a group of people who work together for the Bega Valley Shire Council.  Without our people there is no organisation.

Together, by focusing on our PLaCE values, we create a workplace that motivates and inspires us.

Our goal is to ensure we look after each other and continually improve services for our community.

Our Commitment

Working together with our community


We are committed to and believe:

People Matter

We care for our people and each other

  • we respect, value and trust each other
  • we provide a caring and safe workplace
  • we act with integrity and honesty
  • we maintain the right work/life balance

Learning is important

we learn and innovate

  • we actively encourage innovation and learning
  • we learn from our mistakes
  • we are a non-blame workplace
  • we invite constructive feedback
  • we are always improving

and we

Can do

We have a can do approach and focus on solutions and outcomes

  • we strive for excellence
  • we do what we say
  • we achieve outcomes as a team
  • we celebrate success

Engaging the whole organisation is key

We engage and communicate, clearly and consistently

  • we go to the right person
  • we are open and transparent
  • we listen
  • we communicate clearly and consistently

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