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Public Forums and Presentations

Important Information – COVID-19

Due to social distancing restrictions, Public Forums are unable to be held face to face in the Council Chambers.

Instead, they will be held remotely via audio-visual link.

The public forum will be recorded, live streamed and made available on Council’s website.

(note the exception of the Public Forum of 8 April 2020, where presentations were unable to be made via the audio-visual platform)

To speak at a Public Forum, a person must first make an application to the Council in the approved form, which is available on Council’s website.

Submissions must be received by 4.00pm on the day prior to the Council meeting date

All other requirements as per Clause 4 of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice in relation to Public Forums apply.

In the event of technical difficulties preventing live streaming or submissions via an online meeting, the following will apply:

  • There will still be the opportunity to provide a public forum submission, which will be circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting.
  • Submissions can be written or video file, and must accompany the online form which must be received by 4.00pm on the day prior to the Council meeting date
  • Questions from Councillors will be facilitated by Executive Officers to submitters by 5pm the day prior to the Council Meeting.
  • Responses are encouraged by 11am the following day.
  • Submissions will be made publicly available on Council’s website by 5:00pm on the Friday following the Council Meeting day at

There are two ways you can seek to arrange to address the Council:

  1. A request to speak at a Public Forum about a matter that has been included in the Agenda for a Council meeting
  2. A request to make a Presentation to Councillor about activities or items of community interest

Public Forums

  • Public Forums are held at 12.00 noon on the day of a Council Meeting, prior to the commencement of the meeting at 2.00 pm and will be live streamed.
  • You can request to address Council at a Public Forum only about a matter that is on the Agenda for a meeting.
  • Requests to address Council must be in writing on the approved form identifying the item on the agenda about which you wish to speak and can be submitted up until 4 pm on the day before the meeting.  Please complete all the fields in the online form marked with an asterix.
  • A person may speak on up to three (3) items of business on the Agenda of the Council Meeting.
  • No more than three (3) speakers are to speak for and against each item of business and each speaker is allowed 5 minutes only.   
  • Please refer to Council’s Code of Meeting Practice: Part 4 - Public Forums for the full terms regarding this process.

Presentations to Councillors

  • Community organisations, clubs and groups and/or individuals may apply to present to Councillors on their activities or items of community interest.
  • Presentations to Councillors will be arranged on Wednesday of non-Council meeting weeks. A maximum of 15 minutes will be allowed for the presentation. Councillors may address questions to the presenter following the presentation.
  • Requests to present to Councillors must be submitted in writing via email or letter. A date of the presentation will be determined.
  • Presentations to Councillors will be open to the public and there will be advice on Council’s website as to any planned session.

For more information or to requests to present to Councillors, contact the Executive Assistants to the General Manager and Mayor or Phone 6499 2104


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