I honestly thought the whole fluoride debate was BS but things have changed.

I moved to Melbourne around 10 years ago, After being on the water. for 7 years I started developing IBS. I tried everything to fix it from cutting food, to changes of diet, I even had a colonoscopy and after 2 years of trying to figure out what was happening, nothing,

So I took a break because I couldn't work anymore things got so bad and took some time off to spent a couple of weeks back at my parents farm. After a few days I started feeling better again. Turns out I was having a reaction to the water in Melbourne and the fluoride in it.

The IBS I had lead to depression, I lost friends and almost lost my job.

Now I am forced to buy spring water just so I can function,

No other drug is given in such a way that people don't have a CHOICE to take it. No other drug is forcefully given to everyone without dosage being taken into consideration or peoples reactions to it. Its about freedom of choice. No one has the right to forcefully medicate someone else.

If you could give a stuff about how people react to the stuff , then consider this, Fluoride is the main ingredient in many rat poisons,

Remember, only 5% of the world fluoridate their water, some of the countries that don't fluoridate are Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Sweden and so on.

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