I direct this to the General Manager Leane Barnes:

I was disappointed to read the transcript of your meeting 28th June regarding the Pretty Point Bridge where it points out in the excerpt below that is appears I have 'moved on' from the issue of the reconstruction of this heritage bridge.
I would strongly point out that the promise to replace the trusses on the bridge in question has my full support. In no way have I moved on from the issue and and agree to the bridge construction that Council has now proposed, reneging on the original heritage reconstruction.
I do not offer opinions on my local history website only the facts as they are or were written at the time.
Do not put words or imply as to what I think in your Council business without my authority.
Kate Clery

"I know all the history of Towamba I’ve got all the information of Kate Cleary’s all her documentation and she’s got all the history on the Towamba bridge and all the bridges we have built at Towamba and I was involved in a couple of those bridges and all that bridge got shifted to New Buildings she’s got all that history and I think if you’ve got somebody like her doing the history on Pretty Point and moving forward from a truss bridge to the bridge we’ve got now it’s all going to be documented. It’s all on the computer anybody can look it up. The history, it’s all there."

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