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Understanding our Place!

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The Understanding Our Place report was prepared in accordance with Phase 1 of Council’s adopted Community Engagement Strategy for the upcoming Bega Valley Community Strategic Plan 2040.

Understanding Our Place has been prepared to understand what people currently love about the Bega Valley Shire, what they find challenging, and how they imagine the future. It provides a snapshot in time; to give our community a better understanding of who we are, where we live and the direction we would like to head in by providing insights into the ambitions and issues of our community. Through this consultation, around 2,000 members of our community provided their views, with over 24,500 detailed comments.

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Key findings

The feedback shows the things we like best about living in the Bega Valley Shire are our local community and the natural environment. Our major challenges include distance, employment opportunities and lack of public transport, medical and other services.

Some of us want the Shire or the place where we live to stay the same as it is now, but for others the main areas we would like to see changes are: employment opportunities; economic growth and diversification; public transport options; bike paths, roads, parking and footpaths; recreation facilities and spaces; community facilities, libraries, waste services and appearance of towns; town planning and land use controls; and Council’s decision making and consultation.

Draft Community Ambitions

From listening to your views , we have drafted Community Ambitions for the upcoming Community Strategic Plan, these Community Ambitions are aspirational statements for us all to work towards over the next 20 years.  These draft Community Ambition statements reflect what we have heard through our consultation.

What you told us you want By 2040...

connected communities

  • by 2040... we are well connected by public transport and telecommunications services
  • by 2040... we have good quality roads and a network of accessible foot and bike paths connects communities throughout the Shire

diverse and healthy people

  • by 2040... we are a co-operative, kind and culturally rich community
  • by 2040... we are an active and healthy community with access to good quality recreation and sporting facilities and specialist medical health care

opportunities for employment and education

  • by 2040... our economy is prosperous, diverse and supported through innovative and creative businesses
  • by 2040... we have meaningful employment and education opportunities for people in all stages of life

sustainable living

  • by 2040... our air and water is pristine and our natural environment and rural landscapes are preserved
  • by 2040... we are leaders in sustainable living and support innovative approaches to resource recovery and the production of alternative energy and food

liveable places

  • by 2040... our Shire continues to be an enjoyable, safe and affordable place to live
  • by 2040... our towns and villages are well presented and provide a range of goods and services that meet local needs
  • by 2040... our towns and villages have character and development throughout the shire remains low density and low rise

consultative leadership

  • by 2040... we are an engaged community with a transparent, consultative and responsive Council

Community Engagement Strategy

Community Strategic Plan 2040 Engagement Strategy - This Strategy outlines how Council is going to engage individuals, community groups, Government agencies and other organisations in both community engagement phases of development of the Bega Valley Community Strategic Plan.


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