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Bega Valley Shire volunteers.View our 2019 Community Service Medallion Recipient

The Bega Valley Shire Community Service Medallion is presented for the outstanding work of volunteers across Bega Valley Shire and recognises one of the great strengths of a community - people who are prepared to give up their own time for the benefit of others and the community as a whole.

The criteria for the Bega Valley Shire Council Community Service Medallion requires that recipients have served within the Bega Valley community for an extended period of time, preferably more than 10 years, and in a number of areas and/or organisations, although consideration is given to those volunteers whose commitment to one organisation or group is such that they would not be able to give much time to other activities (for example being on call 24 hours a day, seven day a week).

Service can be in any field, for example sports, community service, heath, education, arts, environment, etc.

For more information, please contact Council's Executive Assistants on 6499 2103. 

Nominations are called each year but can be submitted at any time and held until they are considered by the Bega Valley Community Medallion Committee (made up of five community members and the Mayor).

The medals are presented at a Bega Valley Medallion Presentation Ceremony, usually held during Volunteer Week each year.


Become a volunteer - it is a great way to make a difference and support your local community.

View our 2019 Community Service Medallion Recipient


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