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Get ready for water meter replacements

Replacing a water meter
Replacing your water meter provides ongoing reliability to the measuring of water usage.

16 October 2020

A shire-wide rollout of residential and commercial water meter replacements will start next week.

The ongoing project will look to replace every old water meter in the Shire over coming years.

Council’s Water and Sewerage Operations Coordinator, Steve Marshall said the project will provide ongoing reliability to the measuring of domestic and business water use.

“Everyone wants to be charged correctly for the amount of water they use, so it’s important we maintain a rolling replacement service,” he said.

“The replacement water meters will provide us with accurate readings to ensure you are only paying for the water you use.

“If it’s your turn to have your home water meter replaced, you will receive a courtesy door knock before works commence.

“Should there be no one at home, we will go ahead with the replacement and leave a note in your post box to let you know.

“It’s a simple procedure that requires us to switch off the household water supply for about 30 minutes.

“Occasionally, upon fitting the new meters, people may experience air pockets in the system. Running a tap for about half a minute will get things back to normal.

“Commercial users will be given advance notice in writing so they can prepare for the short time with no water supply.

“It’s important for residential customers to also prepare by removing anything that may be obstructing access to their water meters.

“Having access to your water meter and stop tap is important for receiving accurate meter readings and to act quickly in the case of a water leak at home.”

Customers will not be charged for the water meter replacement service, and there will be no change to water quality or pressure following installation.

If you would like to know more about Council’s water meter replacement program, contact the Water and Sewerage Services team on 6499 2222.


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