Bega Valley Shire CouncilBega Valley Shire Council

  • Dog walking areas

    Leash free areas where dog owners can exercise their dogs off leash.

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  • FAQs on Animals

    FAQs on Animals

    Questions and answers on registration and owning dogs.

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  • Owner responsibilities

    Owner responsibilities

    What you need to do to keep your dog and cat safe.

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  • Registration of Dogs & Cats

    Registration of Dogs & Cats

    All dogs and cats must be microchipped and registered.

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  • Renting & Tenants with pets

    Renting & Tenants with pets

    Information for landlords and tentants wanting to rent with pets

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  • Rules and regulations

    Rules and regulations

    Who is authorised to enforce the rules of the Companion Animals Act and Regulations.

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  • Tips for animal and pet owners

    Tips for animal and pet owners

    Important tips for the owners of dogs and cats.

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  • Where is your cat now?

    Where is your cat now?

    Cats and Wildlife, you can protect both!

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  • Working dogs

    Working dogs

    Is your dog exempt from microchipping and registration?

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  • Barking dogs

    Barking dogs

    Information about Barking dogs

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