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Policies express Council's position on a particular issue or subject along with delegation of authority from the General Manager/CEO to staff.

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Delegations of Authority

Under Section 377 of the Local Government Act 1993, a council may, by resolution, delegate to the General Manager (Chief Executive Officer - CEO) or any other person or body certain functions of the council.   

The General Manager (CEO) may sub-delegate under Section 378(2) of the Local Government Act, a function delegated to the General Manager (CEO) by the council to any person or body (including another employee of the council).  The General Manager (CEO) has delegated those matters as set out in the document "Part 2 - Delegations Register".  

The delegations are recorded in Council’s Register of Delegations and are recorded in two parts:

This Delegations Register should be read in conjunction with Council's Policies and Procedures as well as relevant Acts and Regulations.

Council Policies and Procedures

Council policies explain the way we work and make decisions.

Our policies are adopted by Council and we generally invite the community to comment on new policies, or changes to existing policies, before they are put into place.

Our procedures are more detailed guidelines associated with our policies and are regularly reviewed and approved by senior staff.

Policies and publicly available Procedures  are available using the link below. Use the search bar on the page to easily find the document you are after.  Keep your search simple for example a keyword or the procedure number if you know it.

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Policies and Procedures

If you are unable to find the document you are after or for more information about Council’s policies and procedures contact Council’s Governance Coordinator by emailing council@begavalley.nsw.gov.au or phone 6499 2222.

To view Council's policies that are currently on public exhibition please visit Have your say.


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