New waste vouchers coming in December

If a spring clean has left you a pile of stuff and nowhere to take it, help is at hand with a fresh batch of Bega Valley Shire Council free waste vouchers coming in December.

The Bermagui Re-use Shop at the Bermagui waste transfer station
Make the most of free waste vouchers by dropping off reusables at a Council Re-use Shop.

23 November 2022

If a spring clean has left you a pile of stuff and nowhere to take it, help is at hand with a fresh batch of Bega Valley Shire Council free waste vouchers coming in December.

The message from Council’s waste team is before you load up the trailer and access the vouchers on your smartphone, think about how much of that pile is actually waste.

Waste Strategy Coordinator, Tim Cook said the best thing for the planet and your pocket is to separate the recyclables and reusables before assigning everything to landfill.

“Your spring clean may have old bikes, boxes, batteries, furniture and countless other household goods that have value elsewhere in the community and can be diverted away from landfill,” Mr Cook said.

“Most of our transfer stations have re-use shops that are great to seek out a bargain or inspire your next project. If you think you have something that may have a second life with someone else, such as a bike renovation project or a piece of furniture waiting to be revamped, ask one of our staff.

“Dropping off goods that are recyclable or reusable is mostly free, so keep them separate.

“Once you’ve separated the recyclables and reusables, think about how to get the most out of your vouchers.

“Every voucher entitles you to drop off half a cubic metre of household waste or a full cubic metre of garden waste. If you don’t have anything to drop off, you can also use a voucher to pick up a cubic metre of our FOGO compost or mulch made from garden waste.

“It’s not so well known that waste vouchers can also be used for dropping off one large furniture item like a couch, a fridge, or an inner-spring mattress.

Mr Cook said the free waste vouchers will be available on the Bega Valley Waste App from Thursday 1 December.

“The new vouchers will automatically appear in the app if you are already signed up for electronic vouchers,” Mr Cook said.

“It reduces waste and costs significantly for us when people sign up for e-vouchers and it’s great that approximately 85% of waste vouchers are now sent out electronically.

“Electronic vouchers are convenient for our customers, they can’t be lost and they are easy to share with family, friends and tenants by taking a screenshot.

“We appreciate that not everyone has a mobile device or may be uncomfortable using digital technology. Customers wishing to continue receiving paper vouchers will find them in their mailbox as normal.”

To find out more, sign up for electronic vouchers or print your own, visit Council’s website.

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