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Find out what's being discussed at Council. View the agenda online and then check the outcomes via the minutes.

Schedule of meeting dates is as follows:


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Declassified reports

Reports from Council's closed session are confidential. Confidential reports can be made public by resolution of Council to declassify them. Once reports are declassified they are made available from the meeting agenda page and also listed in our register of declassified reports

Summary of Council Reports during Council Term 2012 to 2016

Register of Voting

The Local Government Act requires Council to maintain records showing which Councillors vote for and which Councillors vote against each planning decision of the Council.

Votes are recorded in the minutes of each Council Meeting for all resolutions of Council.  View the meeting Agendas/Minutes

Archived Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Older meeting agendas and minutes are archived online back to 2012, note you will need to change the business year to access them. If you are looking for older meeting agendas and minutes please contact Council's Executive Assistant on Phone 02 6499 2104 or email

Publishing of Agendas and Minutes

The Agendas for Council Meetings and Council Reports for each meeting will be available as near as possible to close of business on the Thursday prior to each Ordinary Meeting here on Council's website and a hard copy is made available at the Bega Administration reception desk and in the Council Chambers on the day of the meeting.

The Minutes of the Council Meetings will be available on Council's Web Site as close as possible to close of business on the Monday after the meeting.

  • Please be aware that the recommendations in the Council Meeting Agenda and Standing Committee Reports are recommendations to the Council for consideration. They are not the resolutions (decisions) of Council.
  • Background for reports is provided by staff to the Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) for his presentation to Council.
  • The Council may adopt these recommendations, amend the recommendations, determine a completely different course of action, or it may decline to pursue any course of action.
  • The decision of the Council becomes the resolution of the Council, and is recorded in the Minutes of that meeting.
  • The Minutes of each Council meeting are published in draft format, and are confirmed, with amendments by Councillors if necessary, at the next available Council Meeting.

If you require any further information or clarification regarding a report to Council, please contact Council's Executive Assistant who can provide you with the appropriate contact details. Phone 02 6499 2222 or email

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