Tathra Headland Draft Precinct Plan

A revised draft precinct plan for the Tathra wharf and headland precinct that responds to public consultation undertaken in early 2022. The precinct plan presents opportunities to improve the pedestrian circulation, connectivity and wayfinding at the wharf and headland.

Interpretation drawing of Tathra Wharf area of the precinct plan.


Council is developing a precinct plan to improve pedestrian circulation, connectivity, and wayfinding at the Tathra wharf and headland.

In December 2021, Council finalised a draft precinct plan and sought feedback from the community from December to February 2022.

There was divided support for the draft precinct plan, with 42% showing no support, 34% showing support in part, and 24% supportive of the plan in its entirety. It was clear that the draft precinct plan did not meet community needs and that further work was needed.

A listening report summarised critical insights from the public consultation. Council used this information to inform the revised draft precinct plan. The main themes were to retain parking on Wharf Road, consider how the headland will link to lower Tathra, and maintain the headland's informality and coastal charm.

The scaled-back plan improves pedestrian movement by providing a shared path, road crossings, and wayfinding. Wharf Road remains open to cars. Parking is retained along one side – allowing the other side closest to the ocean views to act as a shared zone for cars and pedestrians. The intersections at Cliff Place, Bega Street, and Wharf Road are improved. The parking lot is removed, enhancing the visual amenity and improving the junction between Service Lane and Bega Street. Parking along Bega Street connects to a shared pathway connecting people to destinations easily. Accessible parking spots are placed at the wharf, memorial park, Tathra Hotel, and Beach Street shops and link directly to the path network.

Council has released the revised precinct plan for public consultation.

Bega Valley Shire Council received $7.81 million grant funding from the NSW Government's Stimulus Package to support regional economies to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic to contribute to the Tathra wharf restoration and planning for the heritage precinct.

How to provide your feedback

The revised draft precinct plan for Tathra wharf and headland is complete and now we want your feedback.

This online platform has a wealth of information about the project and provides an opportunity to have 'Your Say'

We are seeking your feedback via a short survey that will only take a few minutes to complete.

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You can also provided feedback by:

  • Email: council@begavalley.nsw.gov.au with the subject: Have your say: Tathra Headland Draft Precinct Plan
  • Post: Chief Executive Officer, Bega Valley Shire Council, PO Box 492, Bega NSW 2550
  • Online: scroll to the bottom of this page to log in and leave a comment

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Project timeline

Please submit your feedback by 11.45pm Sunday 18 September 2022


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