Event Management Guidelines & Tools

A resource to assist in from start to finish in the organising and running public events in the Bega Valley Shire.

Light horse brigade.Events provide part of the social fabric of a community and the Bega Valley Shire is no exception with a range of events occurring across the Shire celebrating place, culture and experiences. Bega Valley Shire Council is keen to support volunteers run events that build on “Your place, Our place, Great place”.

How events fit into the Community Vision

Bega Valley Community Strategic Plan 2040

  • Theme: Active and Healthy Communities
  • Goal 1: We are cooperative, caring and enjoy a culturally rich community life
  • Strategy 1: Collaborate with partners to provide and support opportunities for social interaction, cultural industries, activities and events…

An event may generally be described as “a social gathering or activity”. Events need to be well organised and managed so they can offer safe, effective and sustainable benefits to the community.. A mismanaged event can put staff, event patrons and the general public at risk, which can expose the event organiser at best to a poor social return or at worst civil action or prosecution.

The following guidelines and templates have been provided as tools that will assist in the planning and managing an event.

Good luck and we look forward to working with you on your successful future event.


Note: The guide highlights a number of key issues to consider when organising an event; however it is a guide only and does not cover every single issue that the event organiser might encounter. It remains the event organiser’s responsibility to identify all possible risks associated with the event, seek additional information where required and to ensure that all approvals have been obtained.


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