Alcohol Free Zone and Alcohol Prohibited Area Bega

Have your say on the proposed alcohol-free zone and alcohol-prohibited area at Gipps and Bega Streets in Bega.

Council has received a request from Club Bega to address anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of its licensed premises.  The proposed AFZ and APA would extend the area covered by the existing APZ (Attachment 1) to provide additional powers to assist NSW Police in reducing alcohol-related antisocial behaviours and bolster public safety and awareness in the vicinity of Club Bega.

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It is proposed to establish an alcohol-free zone (AFZ) and alcohol-prohibited area (APA) in Gipps and Bega Streets, Bega.  The proposed location of the AFZ covers an area of road and carpark, while the proposed location of the APA is a parcel of Council Land Lot 10 DP 879802 known as Willow Tree Reserve.

You can have your say by:

  • Emailing: with the subject of: Have Your Say - Alcohol Free Zone and Alcohol Prohibited Area Bega
  • Posting a letter to: Chief Executive Officer, Bega Valley Shire Council, PO Box 492, Bega NSW 2550
  • Commenting online: use the comments area at the bottom of this page to Have your Say

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Who is listening

  • Tony Payne
    Manager Certification and Compliance
    Bega Valley Shire Council
    Phone: 02 6499 2222
Submission close Friday 22 July 2022


Map showing proposed AFZ and AFA areas

Map show location of the alcohol free zone and alcohol prohibited areas.

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