Investment Prospectus

Invest in the Bega Valley Shire Infrastructure and help build our future.

Front cover of the Bega Valley Shire Council Investment Prospectus 2021.The Investment Prospectus 2021 outlines Council’s key investment priorities over the next three to five years and forms a key document to advocate for investment in the shire from the Australian and NSW governments.

The Investment Prospectus outlines a number of key projects to:

  • upgrade key strategic infrastructure across the shire
  • stimulate the local economy
  • enrich local communities.

The Investment Prospectus outlines our current priorities in the areas of:

  • cultural and community spaces
  • education and employment
  • the environment
  • recreation
  • technology
  • transport
  • waste management
  • water and sewer infrastructure
  • advocacy to support industry growth, affordable housing, and improvements to state or federally managed roads, water storage and environmental projects.

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