Investment Prospectus

Invest in the Bega Valley Shire Infrastructure and help build our future.

Front cover of the Bega Valley Shire Council Investment Prospectus>The Investment Prospectus outlines Council’s key investment priorities over the next three to five years and forms a key document to advocate for investment in the shire from the Australian and NSW governments.

The Investment Prospectus outlines a number of key projects to:

  • upgrade key strategic infrastructure across the shire
  • stimulate the local economy
  • enrich local communities.

The Investment Prospectus outlines our current priorities in the areas of:

  • cultural and community spaces
  • education and employment
  • the environment
  • recreation
  • technology
  • transport
  • waste management
  • water and sewer infrastructure
  • advocacy to support industry growth, affordable housing, and improvements to state or federally managed roads, water storage and environmental projects.

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