Water trunk mains explained

Everything you need to know about drawing water from one of our water trunk mains.

A water trunk main connection is not the same as being connected to what is commonly known as ‘town water’.

Town water, or a reticulated network as it’s also known, is a grid of small-diameter water mains that deliver water to your home. When you turn on your taps, the water that comes out is safe to drink and there are no pressure fluctuations.

A map of the Bega Valley Shire's water trunk mains.

A trunk main, however, is intended to transport large quantities of water across our supply network, taking water from reservoirs to treatment plants, and finally to the head of reticulated systems.

These are the arteries of our system and people with properties connected to a trunk main experience unpredictable water pressure, and for some customers, water that is not safe to drink.

If you live out of town but have a water supply that doesn’t come from a tank, chances are you are connected to a trunk main.

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