Pesticides Use Notification Plan

The plan that outlines where Council uses pesticides and how we notify the community.

Council is required by the Pesticides Regulation 2009 to develop and publish a Plan that provides notice of pesticides and herbicides usage in public areas by Council.

Notification of pesticides usage is based on the principle that people have a basic right to know when and where pesticides may be used and be able to make informed decisions about their possible contact with pesticides. Council notifies the community of pesticide use in public places owned or controlled by Council via the adopted Pesticides use Notification Plan. The aim of notification is to let people choose to reduce their exposure to pesticides use if they wish.

Council’s Pesticides Use Notification Plan describes where Council uses pesticides and the steps it takes to notify the community about its pesticides use in those places.

To view Council's Pesticedie Use Notification Plan visit our Public Policies page and search for pesticide use.

Proposed roadside and public land weed control programs. The weed program is dependent on weather conditions and contractor availability and may be varied according to weed growth. This program can be found on Council's website under Notice.

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