Environmental programs and partnerships

Council seeks to work with residents and community groups on practical environmental projects and programs. Council currently invests significant resources into protecting our unique natural environment through a number of avenues including an Environment Levy. Part of this levy provides community groups throughout the Shire with an opportunity to obtain funding to complete community environmental projects. Additionally, Council encourages residents to take part in local environmental activities which are a great way to meet people, be healthy and improve and protect our environment.

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What is Council doing?

Community Environmental Grants

The Community Environmental Grants Program is a yearly funding program which calls for applications in May-July each year. Past projects completed by local community groups include:

  • Weed removal
  • Revegetation of degraded natural areas
  • Enhanced access to natural areas of local significance
  • Environmental education

Previous Successful projects

Visit the Sustainability Grants page for application information.

How can I get involved?

Image of environment team at work.Engaged and active communities can help lead the way on improving local environmental outcomes. There are a range of support mechanisms for residents to utilise in order to protect, rehabilitate and improve our natural environment. Local groups which are often looking for members or can help you connect to local groups include:

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