Biosecurity and purchasing property

A few things to consider before signing a contract to purchase a property.

The purchase of rural land is a major decision and the presence of Biosecurity Matter (Weeds), and the continuing cost of managing weed infestations, is often either not considered or forgotten. This is especially the case as people make the "sea or tree change" with little or no experience in rural land management.

Before signing a contract, prospective purchasers should carefully consider the following:

  • Are there biosecurity risks (weed infestations) on the land?
  • Are weed infestations being managed?
  • What are the costs of the continual weed control?
  • If the land is to be used for farming, will weed infestations lead to production losses?

Privacy laws prevent Council from disclosing weed infestation information to prospective buyers without the owner's consent, however by asking these questions, purchasers can be more informed before signing on the dotted line.

What should I do before purchase?

Arrange for someone who knows about weeds to inspect the property with you. If weeds are found, a weed spraying contractor can provide an estimate of how much control work will cost. Council does not provide information on such costs, however there are a number of weed spraying contractors in the Shire who can be found in the yellow pages.

The small cost of an independent inspection will assist you in making an informed decision regarding the land in question.


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