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Repairs to Bega town clock

Monday 28 November 2016 Bega’s clock tower is getting some TLC before Christmas.

The Dr Evershed Memorial Clock in Bega is undergoing significant repairs to its mechanised master clock system.

The process has commenced with the removal of the clock hands, and the ordering of replacement parts from Europe.

If the parts arrive on time we hope to have the clock working again in time for Christmas, with the contractor booked in to commence installation on the 16th and 17th of December.

The master clock system will be fully replaced, requiring a full custom build by one of only a few master clock builders still working in Australia.

A battery back-up system with a high frequency quartz controller for precision timekeeping will form part of the new clock

The clock will automatically change for daylight saving time and can be reset at any time from the lower ground level, making it safer for staff to operate.

A great deal of skill is involved in rebuilding certain components by hand, such as the dial train which houses the gear box attached to the clock hands.

Additionally, four new composite glass clock faces will be installed to replace the existing faces.

Andrew Markerink from Master Clockmakers Pty Ltd in Camden, Sydney will be conducting the repairs.

Photograph: Bega’s clock tower is getting some TLC before Christmas.


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