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Development Control Plan (DCP)

Development in detail

Development Control Plans supplement the Local Environmental Plan and provides more detailed provisions to guide development in the Bega Valley.

Under Section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, Council is required to take into consideration the relevant provisions of the Development Control Plan when determining an application for development.

A balanced approach to development is required and applications will need to demonstrate that not only have the individual objectives and controls of the Development Control Plan been met, but that the overall aims and objectives of the plan have been satisfied.

The provisions of the Development Control Plan have been developed to achieve the strategies specified in Council’s 20 Year Plan, Social Plan and Land Use Planning Strategy 2008, as well as being consistent with regional and state objectives.

Development Control Plan

On 11 September 2013 the Bega Valley Development Control Plan 2013 (DCP 2013) came into effect.

DCP 2013 covers the entire Bega Valley Shire Council Local Government Area and replaces all existing development control plans.

Development applications submitted after 11 September 2013 will be subject to the provisions of DCP 2013.

View the plan here: Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013

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