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Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee


The Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee (ARIC) is an independent appraisal and consulting function established within Council to examine and evaluate its internal audit and enterprise risk management activities. The Committee provides a monitoring/advisory role to Council but does not have executive power or authority to implement actions.


The main purpose and function of the ARIC is to assist Council in discharging its enterprise risk management responsibilities by evaluating the design and implementation of Council’s risk management systems, ascertaining risk exposures and current trends, and monitoring the adequacy and effectiveness of risk reporting and risk management responses. Specifically the ARIC provides support to Council and the community by:

  • Improving the processes and accountability within Council.
  • Identifying redundancies in operational and control procedures and providing recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness of Council.
  • Providing an early warning system, enabling deficiencies to be identified and remediated on a timely basis.

Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee Members

The ARIC consists of two Councillors and three external independent representatives. The Councillor Representatives are appointed by Council yearly in accordance with Council's Code of Meeting Practice. The ARIC Charter requires the Chairperson of the Committee to be selected from the external independent Committee representatives.

Current members of the Committee are:

  • Mr Terry Bunn, Chairperson, Independent External Member
  • Mr Peter Cottrell, Independent External Member
  • Mr Phillip Saunders, Independent External Member
  • Mr Michael Pryke, Independent External Member
  • Councillor Russell Fitzpatrick
  • Councillor Mitchell Nadin


The Committee meets no less than 4 times per year.

ARIC Charter

The functions of the ARIC are detailed within the committee charter as detailed below:

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