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Booking a sportsground

All of the sportsground sites either owned or managed by Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC) can be booked for seasonal and casual use by sporting clubs and associations, schools and community groups.

Hire a BVSC Sportsground

To hire one of the sporting fields within the Bega Valley Shire please complete the appropriate booking form.


Why are there Sportsground fees?

Bega Valley Shire Council appreciates that many users of sportsgrounds are local sports clubs and not for profit groups and organisations; and also that sportsgrounds are open community facilities and there can be informal and casual use. 

There are many assets at sportsgrounds that are needed for the sites to function. Playing fields, floodlights, change rooms, carparks, seating, pavilions and kiosks, irrigation systems, fencing and gates, lawn surrounds and public toilets are all common facilities at sportsgrounds. They require planning and resources to have them operating and maintained. There are typically more assets that require higher service levels at sportsgrounds than in general parkland areas.

The objective of the sports ground user fees is to establish a consistent and equitable system across the shire based on bookings and levels of use, acknowledge increased access and periods of exclusive use, and provide a fair contribution toward the higher utilities and operations cost that come with providing the assets and facilities that are needed for sportsgrounds sites to function.


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