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Council noxious weed inspections

Tuesday 4 October 2016 Serrated Tussock will be a focus for Noxious Weed Inspectors during October and November.

Noxious Weeds Inspectors from Bega Valley Shire Council will be in the southern part of the Shire for four weeks from 11 October aiming to build on the successes of the past.

All properties in Burragate, Towamba, Rocky Hall and Wyndham area will be inspected, with landholders receiving letters in the days prior indicating Council’s intention to inspect their property in the following week.

Lyall Bogie, Council’s Vegetation Management Coordinator said they are mainly looking for Serrated Tussock, as well as other noxious weeds including St John’s Wort and African Lovegrass.

“Landholders have made a significant investment and effort from over the past decade to reduce Serrated Tussock,” Mr Bogie said.

“The Towamba Valley Serrated Tussock Working Group has coordinated a very successful effort for many years. These inspections are to maintain this great work and try to keep the area as free as possible from noxious weeds.”

Most landholders are very diligent, but there have been reports recently of a few areas needing work, hence Council’s blanket inspections across the area.

“If weeds are detected, landholders will be required to act and put in controls this season,” Mr Bogie said.

“We really don’t want the weed to gain a foothold in this area after all the effort put in by locals and government.”

Council’s aim as always is to work with the community and landholders to control any localised outbreaks while they are small.

For further information contact the Vegetation Management Team on 6499 2405.

Photograph: Serrated Tussock will be a focus for Noxious Weed Inspectors during October and November


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