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Brogo Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

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Brogo Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Project Summary/background

Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC) is currently planning for the upgrade of the Brogo Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to improve treated water reliability and quality to the Brogo-Bermagui system, which includes the townships of Quaama, Cobargo, Wallaga Lake and Bermagui, as well as rural customers connected to trunk mains.

The existing WTP is made up of a chlorinator and balance tank, which is limited in its ability to treat lower quality raw water to a level which is suitable for drinking water. This has led to council issuing boil water notices in the past, particularly during events such as floods and bushfire. The recent bushfires over the 2019/2020 summer were a reminder of the vulnerability of the current water treatment process to changes in river water quality, with water required to be trucked into the network at a significant cost until the raw water quality improved.

The upgrade includes a Dissolved Air Flotation and Filtration (DAFF) unit, which will remove contaminants such as turbidity and suspended solids in alignment with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. As part of the upgrade, a fluoridation step is to be included, to assist in the prevention of tooth decay and the minimal occurrence of any adverse dental effects in accordance with the New South Wales Code of Practice for Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies. The upgrade will also include pump stations, water storage tanks and other water treatment equipment required to allow the WTP to operate.


The key objective of the WTP upgrade is to improve water quality standards to bring in line with the rest of NSW, by consistently providing clean and safe drinking water to consumers through a broader range of raw water quality events.


Safe and Secure $10.7m.

Connection to Council's Community Strategic Plan

This project is connect to Council's Community Strategic Plan through Outcome 3; Goal 6; Strategy 13 and Outcome 4; Goal 8; Strategy 18.

What has the planning process for the project involved so far?

What has the planning process for the project involved so far? GHD Pty Ltd was engaged by Council in the role of Owners Engineer for the upgrade of the WTP. This includes preparing a Review of Environmental Factors (REF). The purpose of the REF is to describe the proposal, to document the likely impacts of the proposal on the environment, to detail mitigation measures to be implemented, and to determine whether the proposal can proceed. In doing so, the REF helps to fulfil the requirements of Section 5.5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979; that Council examine and take into account to the fullest extent possible all matters affecting or likely to affect the environment by reason of the activity.

Brogo water treatment facility.

Who can I speak to:

Sam Watson
Project & Contract Management Officer
Bega Valley Shire Council
Phone: (02) 6499 2222

Timeline of works

The timeline of the upgrade process is outlined below:


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