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Reporting and accountability

Logo Club GrantsThe Club Grants Guidelines require organisations that have received funding through the scheme to provide a report to the committee.

Organisations must submit a standard funding report (acquittal) to the Bega Valley Club Grants Committee Convenor upon completing the project.  Organisations that have previously received funding and have not submitted their report / progress forms will not be considered for further funding.

In some cases, a funded project will be only partly underway when a recipient wants to apply for further funding for another project. In these situations, the committee may request a progress report outlining how the funds have been spent so far and the plan for the future of the project, including a timeline for completion. If the project has been delayed, the organisation should provide information as to why it has not run to schedule.

Recipients should also advise the committee of any changes in the circumstances of the project (such as what the money will be spent on, who will benefit from the funding, how they will benefit), and obtain the committee's written approval prior to making any changes.

Reporting requirements are as follows:

Amount Minimum Reporting Method
Up to $500 (cash) Receipt
Up to $500 (in kind) Letter of acknowledgement from recipient
$500 - $7,500 Standard Funding Report (acquittal)
$7,500 and over Standard Funding Report (acquittal) plus Statutory Declaration

Funding applicants and recipients should refer to section 4.3 of the Club Grants Guidelines for full details on their obligations.

Standard Funding Report Form (acquittal)

Click here for the Progress Report Form (PDF)


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