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Free tipping voucher for Christmas

Thursday 8 December 2016Compost windrows being turned at Merimbula waste depot

There will be something extra in the mail around Christmas time this year as Bega Valley Shire Council are again issuing a second free waste tipping voucher.

Residents will notice the voucher has been split into two smaller volume vouchers; this should assist all residents to dispose of waste during the festive season. 

In addition, residents can now redeem each voucher for one cubic metre of compost or mulch from Merimbula Waste & Recycling Depot (subject to availability). 

Council’s compost has been a huge hit with local garden enthusiasts who quickly identified the high quality product now on offer.

All waste sites remain open over the Christmas and New Year period with the exception of Christmas day when all sites are closed.

Don’t forget to help minimise the amount of waste being disposed to landfill and to get the best value from your waste disposal voucher by always separating recyclable waste from general waste.

For more information, contact Council on 6499 2222 or

Photograph: Compost windrows being turned at Merimbula waste depot


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