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Delivery Program and Operational Plan

Council's role for 2017-2021

Council's Delivery Program for the next four years, plus the Operational Plan for the next 12 months.The role of the Delivery Program and Operational Plan

The Bega Valley Shire Delivery Program 2017 – 2021 and Operational Plan 2020-2021 sets out what Council will do to deliver the outcomes, goals and strategies of the Bega Valley Shire Community Strategic Plan 2040 (CSP). In addition to the CSP 2040, the Delivery Program and Operational Plan is also informed by several Council and NSW State Government strategies and plans, and the 2016 Bega Valley Shire Council Community Survey which independently rates the importance and satisfaction of Council’s service delivery and performance.

This strategic document is made up of:

  • A Delivery Program, which is developed by Council every four years to identify the actions Council is going to take to work towards the goals and strategies in the CSP for that time, and
  • An Operational Plan which outlines the yearly actions and activities Council will undertake in the financial year to work towards achieving the four-year Delivery Program.

This Delivery Program and Operational Plan also outlines the functions of each of Council’s service areas, provides financial estimates for the four-year period, and includes a detailed budget for the operational activities to be undertaken in the current financial year.

The CSP 2040 and the Delivery Program and Operational Plan are also supported by the Bega Valley Shire Resourcing Strategy which provides the framework, in terms of time, money, assets and people, for how Council will deliver the overall four year Delivery program.


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