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Threatened shorebirds

The beaches, estuaries, sand spits, rocky headlands and offshore islands of the Bega Valley Shire support threatened shorebirds.

Bega Valley Shire Council works closely with the South Coast Shorebird Recovery Program, the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and the NSW Government’s Saving our Species program to look after threatened shorebirds. Read our Threatened Shorebirds in Bega Valley Shire: Action Plan

There are some very simple actions we can all take to protect shorebirds, their habitat, their eggs and their chicks so they can continue to be part of our beautiful Sapphire Coast.

  • Pay attention to signs at beach entrances and on beaches alerting you to the presence of threatened shorebirds.
  • Pay attention to dog control zones and always leash your dog if you are near shorebirds.
  • Please try to always walk on the wet sand, shorebirds make their nests in the dry sand above the high-tide line and in the dune systems.

Threatened shorebirds in Bega Valley Shire

Hooded Plover

Thinornis rubricollis

Critically endangered in NSW


60 pairs in NSW. 12 breeding pairs in Bega Valley Shire.


Phote: Leo Berzins

Hooded Plover.

Pied Oystercatcher

Thinornis rubricollis

Endangered in NSW


Scattered breeeding pairs along the Bega Valley Shire coastline.


Phote: Leo Berzins

Pied Oystercatcher.

Little Tern

Stemula albifrons

Endangered in NSW

16 colonies in NSW

Major colony at Mogareeka - Wallagoot Lake over summer. Former colony at Wallaga Lake, unoccupied since 2003 due to human disturbance.

Phote: Geoff Ross/DPIE

Little tern.


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