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Community Hall Management Committee

Section 355 of the NSW Local Government Act (1993) allows Council to delegate certain functions to a ‘Committee of the Council.’ Council’s Section 355 General Halls and Buildings Committee is the peak advisory body constituted under Section 355 of the Act.  This committee is made up of a nominated representative from each of the individual community hall and building committees and is chaired by a Councillor.

The roles and responsibilities of the General Halls and Buildings Committee as delegated by resolution of Council are to:

  1. Make recommendations to Council on any aspect of hall and building management and/or hall and building committee operations,
  2. Make recommendations to Council on appropriate fees and charges structures for halls and buildings,
  3. Advise Council of the membership of individual hall and building community committees,
  4. Recommend financial allocations for individual halls and buildings from Council funds and/or funds from other sources, and
  5. Establish working groups or special task groups where required and report back to the committee.

The General Halls and Buildings Committee can be contacted via:

  • Council’s Halls and Cemeteries Team via phone (02) 6499 2222
  • By email 
  • By mail PO Box 492, Bega, NSW, 2550.

Full details on the function and operation of the General Halls & Buildings Committee can be found in the Bega Valley Shire Council General Halls and Buildings Committee Guidelines.

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