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Community Project Proposals

The Community Project Proposal (CPP) Procedure provides information to volunteer and community groups on how they can formally propose projects to Council. The application and procedure ensure that all aspects of working on public land (council owned or managed) and delivering projects soundly are considered, for major and minor project proposals.

In considering proposals, particularly larger or complex one’s staff and Councillors need to be able to understand:

  • Is it related to an existing asset or proposing to build a new asset (there needs to be clear information / reasons / justification and cost benefit for new assets).
  • What is the cost, what was the basis for the costing (quotes, similar recent project etc.).
  • What is the proposed asset life. Will it be renewed (this relates to asset depreciation costs)
  • What operations and maintenance will be needed to keep the asset serviceable and what is the estimated cost (how / who will undertake maintenance, how were costs determined).
  • What other stakeholders will be involved or need to be aware (landowners / agencies / user groups / neighbours etc.). Have they been consulted. Are they supportive. (provide letters of support).
  • Demonstrate capacity to complete the project.
    Reporting of CPP’s to Council is conducted quarterly (normally February, May, August and November) and considers all projects, especially where requesting resourcing from Council. The Council report formalises and acknowledges volunteer and in-kind contribution as well as considering the endorsement of a project which may defer the delivery of other planned and programmed works.
    The CPP procedure also supports grant funding opportunities by demonstrating Council support for works on Council managed/owned land. The formal endorsement demonstrates consideration by the applicant and Council of project aspects including planning, design and standards, accessibility, heritage, the environment, site management and safety, stakeholder and neighbour consultation, resourcing asset management.

Read Council's Procedure: Community Project Proposal Procedure

Please contact the Sport and Recreation Officer on 6499 2283 for more information.

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