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Council's Resourcing Strategy

council's Role 2017-2021

Council's Resourcing Strategy.This Resourcing Strategy supports the CSP 2040 and outlines how the community’s aspirations can be achieved in terms of time, money, assets and people. It focusses on the areas of the CSP 2040 directly in Council’s area of control and responsibility.

As the CSP 2040 spans 20 years, the Resourcing Strategy focuses more specifically on the next 10 years, while the Workforce Plan takes a four-year approach.

The Resourcing Strategy is the link between the CSP 2040 and the Delivery Program (which outlines Council strategies and actions over four years) and Operational Plan (specific activities for each year developed annually).  It details how resources will be provided to implement the strategies for which Council is responsible. The directions and strategies will be reviewed annually to ensure they remain relevant in a changing environment and incorporate ongoing community feedback.


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