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Organic Farming / Chemical Sensitivities

Council recognises that there are members of our community who have specific chemical sensitivities. Council also recognises that there are a number of organic or biodynamic farmers and farmers who produce chemically sensitive produce such as grapes in the Shire. In recognition of this Council has established a Chemical Sensitivities / Organic Farming Register. Landholders on this Register will be notified of Council monthly roadsides weed herbicide control program.

If you would like information about this program please contact Council’s Biosecurity Officers on 02 6499 2222.

Details on the Register are kept confidential and are only given to Authorised Spraying contractors for the purposes of notifying applicants of proposed spraying operations.

Please note that residents that maintain their road frontage free from weeds and biosecurity matter will alleviate the need for herbicide weed control spraying.


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