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Eden oil spill contained

Wednesday 26 October 2016

An oil spill that emerged from a stormwater drain in Eden yesterday has been contained thanks to a swift response from Council and the community.

The spill of what appeared to be engine oil was reported coming from a drain near Lake Curalo yesterday triggering a containment response from Council’s Works and Environmental Health & Building teams.

Council staff, along with assistance and cooperation from a number of local businesses, successfully identified and contained the spill to a roadside drainage reserve area, stopping it from reaching the environmentally sensitive lakeside.

The source of the leak has been identified and the business responsible is cooperating with Council by offering to pay clean-up fees and working to repair their waste oil bunding facilities.

Council’s Director of Planning and Environment, Andrew Woodley said that oil spills are taken very seriously because of the damage they cause to the local environment, waterways and aquaculture.

“This is a good example of the community and Council working together to alleviate an incident that could have caused significant environmental damage. 

“It is also a timely reminder that any material other than rain that finds its way into the stormwater infrastructure has the potential to result in damage to local waterways,” he said.


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