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Climate Resilience Strategy

Bega River.

This Climate Resilience Strategy aims to highlight the activities, projects and programs already contributing to our Shire’s resilience and identify the positive steps we as a community can take to create a climate resilient future.

This Bega Valley Shire Climate Resilience Strategy 2050 aims to ensure that our community, environment and economy are robust and able to respond to the key challenges that climate change presents.

A resilience approach builds on the strong foundations for our Shire. A resilient Bega Valley Shire is prepared for shocks and stressors, be they financial, environmental, social or political. It enables us to come together to respond to adversity and to recover by building back an even better place to live, work and play.  

Our resolve and resilience as a community have been tested over recent months, through the Black Summer bushfires, the fire-quenching floods that followed and a global pandemic that has fundamentally changed our way of life.  Many of the vulnerabilities identified in this Strategy, such as the length of our bushland/ urban interface, our reliance on external food and commodities and the exposure of our aquaculture industry to water quality impacts, were exposed during these events.  Also revealed was the strength of our spirit, our ingenuity, and our sheer determination to do what was needed to keep our community safe.

Bega Valley Shire Council recognises the need to continue to work together to reduce our vulnerability to these unforeseen and unprecedented events.  The benefits of building resilience will far outweigh the benefits of inaction, both in reducing the impacts of disasters when they occur and the co-benefits of building economic, social and ecological capital.

This Strategy aligns with the policy direction of Australian and NSW governments, and is arranged into seven Key Response Areas:

  1. Natural systems
  2. Preparing for natural hazards
  3. Liveable and connected places
  4. Safe, health and inclusive community
  5. Diverse and thriving economy
  6. Energy security
  7. Food security

For each of these areas, relevant vulnerabilities, challenges and benefits, existing programs, and mitigation and adaptation actions are described, as well as performance measures and targets.

Enhancing resilience to the impacts of a changing climate is the responsibility of all of us, and we are not starting from scratch. There has been an extensive body of work already undertaken to respond to climate change across the Shire and we hold a powerful resource in the knowledge and skills of local people.

Bega Valley Shire Council recognises the strong commitment within the Bega Valley to take action on climate change and is thankful for the extensive input provided to develop this Strategy. 

Let’s take the next steps together to a more resilient Bega Valley Shire.


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