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FOGO caddy bag program ends

Thanks to projects like FOGO, composting on a community scale is now mainstream and caddy bags are readily available.
Thanks to projects like FOGO, composting on a community scale is now mainstream and caddy bags are readily available.

15 October 2021

A program to provide free FOGO caddy bin liners to Bega Valley Shire residents has ended.

The program provided about 5.8 million compostable liners since the launch of the FOGO organics recycling project in 2018.

Council’s Waste Project Officer, Amber Gault said the program has ended because the FOGO project is well established, and the caddy bin liners are now widely available and affordable.

“The free caddy liner vouchers will no longer be issued now the program has ended,” Ms Gault said.

“For people keen to continue using compostable caddy liners, they will still be available to buy from Council’s Bega office, waste facilities and shire libraries.

“We’re keeping the cost of the caddy liners low. At $5.40 per roll of 150, most households will only need to purchase one or two rolls per year.

“Compostable bags used to be difficult to buy locally, which is one of the reasons we sought funding for the program, but it didn’t take long for composting on a community scale to become mainstream, and now the bags are readily available in supermarkets.

“Importantly, this change does not mean the end of the FOGO project. Our organics recycling service continues to go from strength to strength, with more than 5000 tonnes of kitchen waste being diverted away from landfill each year.

“No matter how you FOGO, whether with a caddy and liner or a bucket lined with newspaper, everyone who gets their kitchen scraps into the green bin is doing their part.

“Some people are even buying an extra caddy. They cost the same as an extra roll of liners and are dishwasher-friendly, so you can always have a clean caddy ready to go.

“Just remember not to use non-compostable bags as caddy liners. These don’t break down and our waste facility staff need to remove them by hand.”

When buying compostable bags from shops, look out for the Compostable symbol (AS 4736) or the Home Compostable symbol (AS 5810). Both are suitable for your green bin.

To learn more about FOGO caddies and compostable liners, call one of Council’s Waste Project Officers on 6499 2222.

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