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SunSPoT grid.


SunSPoT has been developed to help home and building owners discover the savings they can make with solar power.

Bega Valley is one of a select number of Local Government Areas that have full use of the program.

The advantages for local residents include potential increased energy savings, reduced emissions and the ability to check how much solar you can put on your house and business.

SunSPoT is being made available to Council and Bega Valley residents through funding by the Office of Environment and Heritage.

As part of the SunSPoT package for the shire, Council has access to a dashboard that shows current and historical solar installations in the Bega Valley shire, average financial savings per household, and CO2 emissions offset. This is a powerful tool for setting solar installation targets, benchmarking and reporting.

What is SunSPoT?

The not-for-profit SunSPoT Solar Potential Tool assesses a rooftop for solar photovoltaic potential and gives an estimate of how much electricity is generated and how much money solar (and batteries if desired) could save the owner each year.

Users search for their address in the online tool and SunSPoT colour codes the spaces of the roof to show the best areas for solar panel placement – indicated by red and orange dots.

Then it’s a simple matter of outlining the area for the solar panels, and SunSPoT estimates the energy generation and savings potential. The calculations become more accurate when electricity billing and usage information is added.

SunSPoT makes it easy for homeowners and other smaller energy users to understand what investing in solar can do for them – before they get quotes from solar companies.

SunSPoT is free and it’s online at

What will SunSPoT tell you?

SunSPoT provides answers to many confusing questions about solar for buyers including:

  • How much money will a solar photovoltaic system save me in a year?
  • What are the best areas for solar panels on my building roof?
  • What size system is best?
  • How much energy will it generate?
  • What should I be paying for a solar system?
  • How much more will I save with a battery?


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